To apply for a personalized plate download the form TC 96-15 from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet website and take it to a JCCO motor vehicle service center or mail it with the $25.

In processing any transaction that requires proof of insurance and the Commonwealth of Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System (AVIS) does not verify the insurance automatically, the 45-day rule may come into play. If you provide the Clerk’s Office an insurance card as proof of insurance, the card cannot have an Effective/Issue date older than 45 days from the date that it is presented. It is important to note that the effective date of the policy may be different than the effective date of the insurance card. For acceptance the Clerk’s Office is concerned with the date the card was issued, not the policy. This applies to Personal Policies only.

  • There are over 90 special plates available.
  • View the special plates and prices for each one.
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  • Personalized Plates: Please visit one of our branch offices to order your personalized plate.

After a period of six to eight weeks, you will need to call 502.574.5700 to tell us which branch you would prefer to visit to pick up your personalized plate. Be sure to bring your current license plate, original registration, current KY insurance card, $21.00 renewal fees, $25.00 plate fee and personal property tax for the year. We accept checks, Visa, MC, AMX and Discover.

Customers have the option of ordering a “new” plate each year, or renewing with a decal only. There is a $25.00 fee for either choice on top of the $21.00 fee for a total of $46.00 for a regular “Unbridled” or “In God We Trust” plate. When you mail in your renewal after you have a personalized plate, you will need your original registration, current insurance card, $21.00 renewal fee, $25.00 personalized plate fee and personal property tax amount, plus a $2.00 mail-in fee. You will automatically receive a decal unless you requested that a plate be printed during the previous year’s renewal.

For any other information regarding license plates,
correspond to us by e-mail:

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