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Fight Fraud, Get Timely Updates, and Improve Record Keeping With New ClerkAlert Notification System

The Legal Records Division of the Jefferson County Clerk's Office is the official repository for Jefferson County, and we are always looking for new ways to provide VIP service. We are proud to announce ClerkAlert, a new notification system that notifies property owners about records filed in their name or business name. ClerkAlert helps prevent mistakes, fraud, or errors by creating an extra layer of security by opting for electronic notifications when there are changes to your property. This notification system protects against scams, gives more notice, and delivers better record-keeping.

You may sign-up for ClerkAlert, a free service of the Jefferson County Clerk's office. This service is offered to the general public under our standard disclaimer of warranty found here:

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ATTENTION: The Jefferson County Clerk's Office Legal Records Division now accepts Electronic Filings.

To find out how you can submit your documents electronically contact one of the following vendors:

Phone: 866.652.0111

Phone: 216.318.6368

Phone: 800.460.5657

Do business under assumed name
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Discontinue business under assumed name
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These departments are responsible for recording and indexing all legal real estate documents.

The following documents are accepted:



Powers of Attorney


Wills and name changes

Assignments and Releases


Fixture filing / UCC Filings

Corporation Document Type Fees

Kentucky Revised Statue Section 64.012 as amended by House Bill 537, mandates the following fee changes:

Articles of Corporation:    $46

Articles of Amend:    $46

Certificate of Authority:    $46

Discontinuing a Business Name:    $46

Partnerships:    $46

Registration of DBA (Sole Property):    $46

Registration of DBA (Sec. of St.):    $46

Statement of Change:    $46

Registration of DBA:    $46

Reasons for rejection of documents:

1. Original document not presented for recording.

Property is not in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

3. Grantors or grantees names are not legible for indexing.

4. The print on the document is not dark enough to be picked up on a copier or in the scanner.

5. The documents have not been signed.

6. Names and dates required in the Notary Statement are omitted.

7. The document does not have a signed Preparation Statement; which must include the printed or typed name, address, city, state, zip and signature of the individual that prepared the document. The Preparation Statement can go anywhere on the document; however, it is usually placed on the signature (last) page.

8. A deed does not have a Consideration Statement as required by law as of July 1990. (The Consideration Statement must be notarized and must include the fair market value of the property, and the addresses and signatures of the grantor and grantee.)

9. Statute is not cited on deed regarding exemption of transfer tax.

10. Notary’s signature and commission’s expiration date doesn’t appear on document.

11. Mortgage amount and maturity date not stated on document.

12. The address of the grantee doesn’t appear on a deed, an assignment and a mortgage.

13. Referenced exhibit is not attached when document states “see exhibit A”.

14. Corporations, doing business under an assumed name, are not registered with the Secretary of State.

15. Case number not included on Lis Pendens, judgment and releases of said documents.

16. Fixture filing states, “to be recorded in Real Estate Records” and a property description or source of title is not referenced.

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