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Disabled Parking Permits

Applications for permits are available at all County Clerk's offices or print the Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit.

Persons whose mobility, flexibility, coordination, respiration, or perceptiveness is significantly reduced by a permanent or temporary disability to the arms, legs, lungs, heart, ears, or eyes, may obtain a permit with a doctor’s original signature and license number on the application for the permit. However, a nurse practitioner’s original signature can be accepted on the application for a disabled plate or decal only.

There are no fees for handicap placards.

Applicant's signature must be notarized. Applicant's can have their signature notarized at any County Clerk's branch or downtown office. The notary fee is $2.00.

The permanent disabled placards are valid for 2 years. These placards can be renewed twice, for a period of 2 years each. The temporary disabled placards are valid for a 3 month period. To download the application for a disabled placard in PDF format, click here.

Both permanent and temporary placards shall be displayed on the front windshield's rear view mirror. When there is no rear view mirror, the placards shall be displayed on the dashboard.

If you have any questions, you may call our Motor Vehicle Call Center at: 502 .574.5700 or e-mail us.