New Laws Affecting Our Office

New License Plates - Kentucky’s “Unbridled Spirit” License plates debuted in August 2005 for all first-time registered non-commercial vehicles.   
Handicap Placards – Effective January 1, 2007, handicapped placard will be free of charge.  Note:  A physician’s signature will still be required to receive a placard.  
Insurance Cards – Effective January 2006, insurance card information will be available on statewide computer systems. (HB29-04).  The fine for driving without insurance is now up to $1,000. (HB 63-05)
Motor Vehicle Fees – Effective January 1, 2007, Motor Vehicle Registration fees will be $21.00; Motor Vehicle Transfer fees and Motor Vehicle Title fees will total $17. (HB 357)
Legal Records Fees –Effective August 1, 2006, changes will be made on numerous fees in the Legal Records department.  To see a full list of changes, visit the Document Fees page under the Legal Records and Official Documents section of our Web site.   
(HB 357)  
Elections - All Kentucky public schools will be closed on Primary Election day.  (SB 7-05) A 300-foot limit on electioneering is also now in place. (HB 26-05) Also, beginning in January 2006, all polling places will have a handicap accessible voting machine. (Federal HAVA)  
A full version of all Kentucky laws and pending legislation is available at