Jefferson County Clerk’s Office because there were fewer opportunities as the country was settled, but there is no surprise who they were. Andrew Jackson has 24, making him number four on the whole list, and there are 24 Lincoln Counties as well, but several of those, like the one in Kentucky, are actually named for Gen. Benjamin Lincoln, not Honest Abe. Henry Clay was not in the Revolution and lost four presidential elections (I would rather be right than be President, he once said) yet nonetheless scored an impressive 18 Clay Counties, plus two more Ashland Counties, named for his famous estate. That puts him at 20, tied with Madison for sixth place overall. There are 15 Grant Counties and 12 Lee Counties, but in several cases not named for the famous Civil War generals, but instead more Revolutionary War veterans, like Col. John Grant of Kentucky or Robert E. Lee’s father, Gen.“ Harry” Lee. New Year Greetings, I want to sincerely thank you for allowing me a sixth term overseeing the responsibilities of the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office. My plans are continued enhancement of our customer service programs while strengthening the services we offer with improved technology. With a new beginning, it is time for reflection on the past year and time to reset goals for the future. Enclosed, find the JCCO 2018 Annual Report of Accomplishments. Recently, I met with my executive staff to plan divisional goals for the upcoming year that I will be sharing company-wide during our upcoming Employee Annual Meeting. My vision to provide quality, first rate service for the residents of Jefferson County has not changed. I am always open to suggestions in bringing you VIP service. If you have any questions or suggestions as to how the Clerk’s Office can better serve you, please let us know. Do not hesitate to visit our website and fill out a comment card to let us know how we are doing. Bobbie Holsclaw Jefferson County Clerk Jefferson County has a long and distinguished history, going all the way back to 1780, when it was still part of Virginia and the Revolutionary War was raging. Thomas Jefferson was already famous at that point, having written the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and was serving as the sitting governor of Virginia, hence this was the very first Jefferson County anywhere. As Jefferson’s career continued, however, 25 more Jefferson Counties followed, giving Jefferson the second most number of counties named for him. Who is number one? That’s not hard to guess. Washington, first in war, first in peace, and first in counties - 31 of them to be precise. In the county name game, it helped to be a figure in the Revolutionary War, like Benjamin Franklin, with 25, and Joseph Warren, with 14, or a general in that war like Richard Montgomery with 18; Francis Marion with 17; Anthony Wayne with 16; Nathaniel Green with 14; and Daniel Morgan with 11. Lafayette has 11 named for him - in Kentucky, as “Fayette” and another 6 as “La Fayette.” Most of the United States was settled and surveyed by young men who had served in the Continental Army, so it’s no surprise they would want to honor their old commanders when given the chance. Just being an early President also helps out: Madison has 20, Monroe 17, and Adams 12. Only a few men in succeeding generations received the honor of multi-state county names, A Message from the Jefferson County Clerk WHAT’S IN A COUNTY NAME? By: Frank Friday Gov’t Relations Executive continued on page 2 Winter 2019