10 • Improved staffing in all divisions. • Conducted management training. • Developed safety training. • Forming a Safety Committee. • In process of implementing a new Human Resources Information System (HRIS) called Kronos. Facilities & Logistics • Ensured through price searching that the JCCO was getting the best product or work for our money. • Maintained the integrity and maintenance of all the JCCO facilities. • Oversaw the Deed Room renovations. • Updated the outdoor signage and logos at the East, Westport, and Jeffersontown branches. • Made sure everyone had what they needed to efficiently run their departments and take care of customers to the best of their ability. • Continued to be available when needed for any problem that arose. Motor Vehicles • Continued to provide excellent customer service to the residents in Jefferson County, a service that they have grown to expect from our office. • Motor Vehicle Division has been short-staffed at all locations for several years; we are now fully staffed. Due to us being fully staffed, we now have one training manager. • During the time of being short staffed, we were able to hire temporary employees to assist. • Motor Vehicle Division played a huge role in answering questions, giving input to the KAVIS team to assist them in the implementation of the new POS system. • East Branch has a new sheriff to assist customers who live in the East End of Louisville for better customer service. • Assisted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department with their customers and real-estate property tax drop off boxes. Customers can now drop off their payments at five locations: Dixie, Fairdale, Highview, East, and Westport. This was a coordinated effort between Bobbie Holsclaw and Sheriff John Aubrey. • Safety training and evaluation continues to be implemented on a yearly basis within the Motor Vehicle Division. • The Call Center wait time continues 2018 Annual Report Significant accomplishments for 2018 continued from page 9