9 Legal Records • Reorganized and reconfigured the workflow processes in the Legal Records Division to handle the new software conversion. • Retrained all Legal Records clerks and handled new JCCO multi-task procedures. • Legal Records received a grant for $12,135 to purchase a new plat scanner. • Continued to improve the redacting of social security numbers and personal information from the record for online viewing. • Replaced out-of-date Reader Printers with new Scan Pro Scanners for better printing of older documents. • Legal Records continues to provide VIP services to our customers. • Continue to scan, index, and digitize images of 1984-1992 documents that are currently unavailable on website. Election Center • Successfully deployed new voting equipment for 2018 election cycle. • Purchased DS450 and successfully used in tabulating mail-in ballots and 3-5%. • Programming committee trained on new software. • Trained over 2200 election officers on new voting equipment. • Updated all election officer training materials for new election equipment. • Added several election officer training classes to reduce class size and improve instruction. • Successfully implemented electronic pollbooks in 79 precincts. • Programmed voting equipment in- house using new applications. • Purchased and utilized new voting booths for 2018 election cycle. Human Resources • Implemented the use of more temporary workers in M.V. 2018 Annual Report Significant accomplishments for 2018 continued on page 10