2018 Annual Report Significant accomplishments for 2018 fter the first of the year, the Deed Room underwent a major renovation. Other than a few counter additions in the early 1970’s and some wiring upgrades, the area had not been focused on in almost a hundred years. A completely new design was implemented, taking Legal Records into the future. The updates have been well received by customers. After a year off from voting, the Election Center introduced new voting equipment in the May Primary Election. Jefferson County residents were introduced to the DS200 and the ExpressVote as well as the “I Voted” wristband. Additional measures were taken to secure Jefferson County’s ability to hold honest and fair elections with input from Homeland Security. In conjunction, a new election website was implemented. Technology is key to continued and future success here at the Clerk’s Office. With that in mind, a new one-stop-shopping software program was implemented in Legal Records. An upgrade was also made of the AS/400 system, along with a new employee software program, and upgraded servers. In providing more coordinated statewide efforts, the Motor Vehicle Division implemented the Department of Transportation’s KAVIS POS (Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System & Point of Sale) system and the Clerk’s Office relinquished its internal system. Below are just a few of our accomplishments in each of our various divisions. As always, our number one priority is to provide the best service for all the residents of Jefferson County. 8 Information Technology • KAVIS POS implementation. • Completion of I.T. work for the Deed Room remodel. • Increased cybersecurity of AVIS printing. • Out-of-State Title Application. • Assisted in the reorganization of Deed Room Recording and Indexing processes (Quality Control Module and Simplified Redaction Processing). • Implementation of microfiche scanners for Legal Records. • Replacement of servers on JCCO virtual platform. • Replacement of Metro E data circuits for Downtown Branch and Edison Center. • Rewired Professional License and Public Relations offices. • Upgraded the AS/400 Computer Operating System. • Election Center Web Sire re-design. • Upgraded JCCO credit card terminals. • New voting equipment and ePollBook support. • Transition to digital video recording for JCCO security cameras. Communication, Media & Public Relations • Enhanced the JCCO website. • Launched a new Election Center website. • Redesigned County Clerk outreach presence with a variety of new booth products and support materials. • Continued to enhance the image of Clerk’s Office through branding. • Promoted the services of the various divisions of the JCCO. • Worked throughout the county to inform residents of County Clerk services at a variety of forums.