Support Our Zoo By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations Certainly the world contains more wonder when seen through the eyes of a child. There are places, though, that have the ability to restore that sense of awe, no matter the time or circumstance. Whether you’re 7 or 70, the zoo embodies freedom and discovery. It’s a window to exotic amazement, and for many of us, it facilitated our first glimpses of polar bears, penguins and pink flamingos. Since 1969, the Louisville Zoo has been working to uphold its individual mission, to better the bond between people and the planet. This betterment is approached and accomplished through several different initiatives, including education, conservation and exposure. With several outreach programs and a high volume of onsite field trips, the Zoo is committed to educating our youth and instilling a sense of respect and duty. “The Louisville Zoo plays a vital role in helping to develop an appreciation for and a sense of responsibility toward the magnificent animals and plant life. This living classroom contains some of the largest and rarest animals found on our planet,” says Kyle Shepherd, Media Relations Manager. “Knowledge and appreciation of wild creatures will be a decisive factor in the survival of these animals and their habitats.” While the zoo is committed to furthering awareness through education, it also partners with and supports many conservation efforts around the world. Organizations such as The Butterfly Conservation Initiative, The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, and The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance are all promoted and supported by the State Zoo of Kentucky. There are also in-house initiatives that further the conservation conversation, such as the annual ‘Acres for the Atmosphere’, a program that challenges Louisville residents to plant roughly 500 trees in twelve months. For all of the positive influence and beneficial actions the zoo facilitates, the heart of the institution remains the animals. With signature exhibits like Glacier Run, Gorilla Forest and Lorikeet Landing, adults and children alike can continue to experience the awe of the world’s most incredible creatures in their natural habitats. To order a “Support Our Zoo” license plate, visit your local county clerk office or branch. All owners of non-commercial motor vehicles registered for use on KY highways are eligible. The initial cost is $44.00 with a $31.00 annual renewal fee. $10.00 of the initial issuance fee and renewal fee are voluntary contributions, all of which benefit The Louisville Zoological Order. The plate is available for personalization with an additional $25.00 application fee annually. Personalized plates are limited to a maximum of 5 characters. 3