11 to be at a low compared to 2017. They are now fully staffed with experienced employees. • New personalized plate database to streamline the ordering process of plates once received by the Downtown Branch. Customer are now receiving an email giving them a timeframe as to when their personalized plate can be picked up at their requested location. The new system eliminates all paperwork and makes it user friendly for customers and employees. Finance • Successfully kept all spending within budget. • Continued to adhere to all proce- dures in order to maintain financial records that meet or exceed state audit requirements. • Certified the 2018 tax rates and worked with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to prepare and mail the 2018 tax bills for the Nov. 1 delivery date. • Consistently involved in the KAVIS 2 project; KAVIS team used input from JCCO Finance, during roll out, to pinpoint issues that needed rectifi- cation. Jefferson County ‘s balanc- ing and reporting procedures were offered to other counties as a model to be followed and/or enhanced. • The Abra and Unitime systems are in the process of being replaced by Kronos. Finance is currently work- ing with HR and IT to make this a smooth transition. Government Affairs • We achieved major legislative action with passage of SB 48. This is the new Kentucky marriage law. Our office has been working for years to update the confusing system of marriage laws for underage persons. From now on, only those who are 18 years of age will be an allowed to marry. 17-year old citizens must take part in a confidential judicial hearing and, with court order, they are also eligible. This clears up problems of residency, parental permission, and possible trafficking under the old law. Kentucky now has a model law for the rest of the country. • We set out a comprehensive notice and warranty section for our online records service. This clears up any confusion on what customers can rely on and what they must consider when using this service. In the past, some users have not been as careful as they need to be in using this powerful tool for title searches. • We also took over the management of open records requests for the JCCO starting this summer; thanks to everyone for their help in carrying out this service. 2018 Annual Report Significant accomplishments for 2018