b'J effersonC ountyC lerkso ffiCeWinter 2020The Big New RecordingA Message from the Jefferson County ClerkLaw, Part 1By: Frank Friday Happy New Year,Govt Relations ExecutiveWe are approaching the end of January and are off to a great start for Last session the General Assembly2020.We accomplished many new initiatives in 2019 and are working on passed a new, comprehensivethe goals set for this year.electronic recording and notary law, SB 114. This was the culmination ofRecently, I met with my executive staff to plan divisional objectives for the years of work by Jefferson Countyupcoming year. My vision to always provide quality, first rate service for the Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw and her teamresidents of Jefferson County has not changed.at the JCCO, bringing Kentucky into the modern era of document recordingIn this edition, please find the Clerks Offices Annual 2019 Report of and storage. Lets look at some of theAccomplishments. I am proud of the work and progress made throughout highlights: the office, and look forward to another productive and successful year.First off, there will be a new type As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have or take of notary, an electronic notary,suggestions as to how the Clerks Office can better serve you. which is a regular notary who has been given further electronic powersMy best to you and yours in 2020. by the Kentucky Secretary of State. An electronic notary will be able to upload and notarize documents into an electronic format. An electronic notary will also be able to provide remoteBobbie Holsclawnotarization, capturing a signingJefferson County Clerkceremony done in another place or multiple places by video image. This will give a more secure record of everyone who signed a document in question.Second, once the document is in an electronic format, a mere paper copyWe plan to lodge documents usingelectronic services vendor BIS already of that record, with appropriate notarythe e-recording service Simplifile withworks with these companies in other indicia, is recordable in any Kentuckywhich JCCO has a Memorandum ofstates and should be able help us mesh county clerk office, just like a currentAgreement. Simplifile customers willthis together smoothly. Our Deed Room wet signed original document. pay for their fees electronically via anclerks will all be trained on the new The electronic format documentACH maintained by that company. Electronic Recoding Module of our BIS may also be sent online directly to aTwo other e-recording providers,Registry, as well. county clerk office that is acceptingCSC and Erecording Partners Network,Many smaller county clerk offices will electronic documents for recording.should also be available this yearnot be going into electronic recording The JCCO has long been planningwith similar products. These threeas quickly, but it appears a great many to do this and will be running a pilotcompanies constitute nearly all theof the larger counties will have this program almost immediately whenindustry and provide a kind of national the new law begins on Jan. 1, 2020.standard for electronic recording. OurContinued on page 2'