b'2019 Annual ReportSignificant accomplishments for 2019Motor Vehicle Division Motor Vehicle Dealer Department transformed and uploaded a new Dealer Information program. This was also installed on all M.V. Managers computers.Alan McNeil and Armond Bethel redesigned the 2020 Dealer ID cards to discourage fraudulent use.Due to influx of customers moving into the state of Kentucky, the out -of-state titles have increased tremendously. This influx has madespace for employees. Work to complete a comprehensive it necessary for one dedicatedmanual for the Legal Records employee to process titles in order This summer, Alan and ArmondDivision by December 31, 2019.to keep up with the demands for ourwere the host for employees customers.from MVL, Transportation. Alan, Continued to implement andThe Call Center continues to be lessArmond and the M.V. Co- Directorsmanage new indexing/ recording than 3-minute wait for incominghad the opportunity to tour thesystems.calls. This time frame is alsoTransportation Cabinet and meet the Worked to develop and implement a considered based on them havingfaces behind the scenes. customer friendly user guide.two employees. The Sherriff drop boxes located at the East, Dixie, Westport, Fairdale, Continued to recover and label TripleMarletta Baete, Thomas Milliner andand Highview branches were aIndex books that are in disrepair.Dennis Durham created a FedEx/ success in 2018. UPS/USPS/ Branch Mail delivery Continued to scan, index and digitize tracking system that inquiries about Motor Vehicles has been workingimages of 1984-1992 documents mail received from customers.Thisclosely with the Sheriffs Departmentthat are currently unavailable on software was installed at each M.V. and KSP, the newly developedthe website. Currently, scanning locations and other DowntownFraud Division in Frankfort, inmissing images through the Scan Pro Departments. creating a new system for fraudulentScanner and importing those images transactions. to be placed on website.Marletta Baete, Thomas Milliner and Dennis Durham created a Court Jefferson County was an important Continued to provide production, Order scanning system. This allowspart of the testing and providingquality, and customer service at VIP us to scan all Civil Suits for Courtour input for boats prior to it beinglevels in the Legal Records Division.Order Title/Lien Release. This inquiryimplemented statewide. Upgraded and implemented a new screen has been installed only onRedaction System for SSN which computers where this informationeliminated multiple SSN redactions needs to be researched.Legal Records of the same document and increasedThe Dealers Department successfullythe efficiency of redacting SSN.conducted 15 training classes for Received a grant to microfilm new Dealerships in 2019. indexes to Marriage Register Books; Continued tokeep our high-quality selected a vendor who is currentlycustomer service job #1. New wall cabinets were installed atmicrofilming indexes to Marriage the West Branch for the utilization ofRegister Books.7'