b'2019 Annual ReportSignificant accomplishments for 2019Continued from page 5 Worked on migrating to the As an effect of safety awareness, Upgraded from Unitime to Kronos statewide voter registration systemWorkers Comp Claims deceased aCloud-based Software for Human and absentee ballot program. little over 18% as of 9/30/2019 fromResources and Time Keeping.claims reported through the sameContinue to develop mechanisms fortime in 2018. Upgraded Heat Help Desk Software.inventory. Secured training for MV Managers Installed Network Storage forImprove our master calendar with alland the HR Staff for one yearDigital Video Recording of Security Election Center deadlines. through Fred Pryor Seminars.Cameras. Improved the overall staffing Upgraded Cisco FirePower Human Resources situation in the JCCO (with plenty ofCybersecurity Software. work still to do).Supported Back-Scanning of LandBrought safety awareness to the Effective 1/1/2020 step-children,Record Document Images from JCCO by emphasizing and enforcingstep-parentsand parents-in-lawMicrofiche.quarterly safety inspections. will be considered immediate familyFormed a safety committee andunder the JCCO bereavement policy.Completed KAVIS Boat Module (BTR) Implementation.conducted safety training.CPR/First Aid Recertifications wereCreated and implemented acompleted.Implement a Pilot Project for Electronic Recording of Land Maintenance & Repair WorkRecords Documents.Request Form in which departments can formerly request correctingInformation Technology Membership in DHS programs EI-workplace hazards in their work area,ISAC and MS-ISAC for cybersecurity.as well as request minor repairs.Upgraded All JCCO Data Communication Circuits.6'