b'2019 Kentucky General Election By: Jordan Kelch,Public RelationsThe 2019 Kentucky General Election, which took place Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, saw important races and in-creased voter turnout. With offices such as Governor, Secretary of State, Attor-ney General, State Auditor, State Trea-surer, and Commissioner of Agriculture on the ballot, the November election solidified who will lead the Common-wealth into the next four years.The headline race between incum-bent Governor Matt Bevin and chal-lenger Andy Beshear appeared to be close days before November 5th, however few could have predicted just how razor-thin the margin would end up being. After a statewide recanvass the week after, Governor Bevin conced- spots and monitoring conduct. ed to Governor-Elect Beshear. Then, on Tuesday, December 10th, Mr. BeshearWhile the JCCO and Election Center was sworn in as the 63rd Governor ofpredicted a turnout of 38%, the final Kentucky.percentage was a bit higher, with 46% of registered voters in Jefferson County In Jefferson County, November 5thmaking it out to vote. Of course, Elec-was a smooth yet eventful day. Astion Day could not happen without the always, a majority of the JCCO staffassistance of over 2,500 poll workers worked tirelessly at Election Headquar- and election officers. These individuals ters, located on the third floor of thestaffed all of the 231 polling locations Edison Center. The Jefferson County(and 623 precincts). Board of Elections, with assistance from several circuit court and appellateAs usual, there is little time for the judges, held hearings throughout theElection Center to celebrate anoth-day. Likewise, deputy sheriffs of the Jef- er successful election, as sights turnthe Jefferson County Clerks Office and ferson County Sheriffs Office were onalmost immediately to 2020 and the im- Election Center will be working away, hand to take calls regarding any issuespending Primary. With the race for Pres- preparing for the big day(s) and con-at polling locations. Several circled theident in full swing, the upcoming yeartinuing to ensure fair, honest elections county, stopping in different pollingpromises a lot of action! Meanwhile,for the citizens of our county. The Big New Recording Law, Part 1By: Frank FridayGovt Affairs Executive continued from page 1 electronic recording in mind, so as todocument storage charge will apply to not charge per page count, but as one- deeds and the postage and handling service available in 2020. There is noprice per instrument.will be $3. Thats a total of $50 for the extra charge for recording a documenttypical deed. We will take a look at electronically, but there are some majorFor an average deed, the new feesome of the other new fees next time, changes coming for all recording feeswill be $27 for the clerk and $6 for thealong with a new recording format in 2020.Housing Fund, if 5 pages or less, andguideline for documents encouraged $3 for each page after that. There isby Kentucky Clerks.The new fees will be structured withalso the $4 instrument tax. A new $10 2'