b'Manager or Leader?By: William I. Brazley Jr.Human Resources DirectorINprofessionally for long-term growth and advancement. my many years of public service I have heard many people express an interest in being aManagers often measure success in day-to-day wins such manager, but I have never heard anyone expressas meeting daily or monthly production quotas. Leaders an interest in being a leader. Why is that? On the othermeasure success through long term achievements such as hand, I have heard people compliment others by sayingindividual or organizational growth over a longer period that he/she is a born leader. I have never heard anyoneof time. A manager holds a title and has specific responsi-say that he/she is a born manager. Why is that? If youbilities. A leader is an influencer, not necessarily a position were given a choice of being a great leader or being aor title holder but someone with certain qualities. Leaders great manager, which would you choose? Before yougrow people and organizations. Managers make sure the answer that question lets take a closer look at both.work gets done. First, I think that each requires a different skill set. SomeI could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. people think managers are superior because they haveIn reality the two are interconnected and one should subordinates who must do as they are instructed by theirnot exist without the other. Managers must be leaders! manager. Leaders do not have subordinates, they haveA good manager should be able to lead, and a good followers. Followers believe in what the leader says orleader should be able to manage. A leader who cannot does because the leader has earned a certain amount ofmanage has vision but no idea of how to get there. A respect and reverence. A follower is not forced to followmanager who cannot lead has trouble building trust the leader like subordinates have to obey their manager.amongst his/her subordinates and finds it difficult to keep them engaged. Managers enforce while leaders inspire.The role of a manager is to make sure their employees show upOrganizations can no longer afford to separate manag-on time, do their jobs and dont cause any problems.ers and leaders. Companies spend a lot of time trying to Managers enforce rules, procedures, policies and pro- train productive employees to be managers. They then tocols by telling their subordinates what to do and howtry to train those managers to be leaders. They should it should be done. A leader inspires through creativity,be identifying the leaders in their organizations and train innovation and empowerment. They are curious to hearthem to be managers.If I were to ask you again your pref-ideas from the perspective of others and helps others toerence of being a great manager or a great leader your be the best they can be by taking them beyond whatsanswer would probably be a little different. Hopefully you comfortable. Leaders give their power away while man- realize that one skill set without the other is ineffective. agers tend to hoard or hold on to their power. A good example of this is a manager who will not allow you toSourcesdo a certain function because that is a man-ager function. The leader will show you howWhy All Managers Must Be Leadersto do that function, preparing you to become by Jacob Morgana manager. What Makes A Good Manager? Key Managers train but leaders develop. Man- Differences Between Management and agers are tactical and leaders are visionary.Leadershipby Forbes Coaches CouncilManagers train their subor- Difference Between Manager and Leaderdinates on what to do and by DifferenceBetween.net how to do it, teaching specific(DifferenceBetween.net is an skill sets for a specific job orinternet site explaining the role. Leaders focus on long- difference between similar term results. They developterms and objects)their people personally and 4'