Jefferson County Clerk’s Office SDR states persisted even as four new states (Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois and Maryland) implemented the policy since the 2012 election. However, these states also had the most hotly contested battleground elections, where lots of money is spent to inform and motivate voters. And these states, besides the presidential contest, often have close Congressional and local elections. Five of the six highest-turnout states, and 12 of the top 20 were battleground states in 2016. Voter turnout in contested battleground states has been five to eight percentage points higher than in non-battleground states in each of the last five presidential elections. The presidential campaigns dedicated 99% of their ad spending and 95% of campaign visits to the 14 battleground states – well over half going to just four – FL, NC, OH, and PA. Season Greetings! A new beginning is upon us. I hope that each of you enjoyed the holidays. Even though it is cold outside, things have been heating up within my office as each of my divisions begin working on their goals for the new year. Last year we achieved a lot and I welcome you to review our accomplishments for 2017. Prior to the holidays, we were busy remodeling the Downtown Dealer/ Specials department and the Deed Room. I am hopeful these expansions will better accommodate our new systems in serving the growth and the traffic we have been experiencing. The anticipation of a new year and new beginnings is upon us once again. I will always try to exceed your expectations and make all your experiences with the Clerk’s Office as pleasant and stress-free as possible. We only get better at serving you by listening to your recommendations. I am always open to suggestions in bringing you VIP service. Please do not hesitate to go to our website and fill out the comment card located on the opening page to let us know how we are doing. Happy New Year! Bobbie Holsclaw Jefferson County Clerk In 2018 Kentucky County Clerks will be presenting to the legislature ideas to enhance and encourage voter participation in future years. The trend nationally has been of increased participation ever since 1972 when the voting age went to 18. According to the non-profit Vote.Org, in 2016 national turnout exceeded 2012 at a level consistent with the last three presidential elections. 60.2% of the nation’s 231 million eligible voters cast ballots, according to those counted and certified by state election boards, compared to 58.6% turnout in 2012. But four in ten eligible voters didn’t vote. Among the most common reasons voters cite for not voting are a lack of competition and meaningful choices on the ballot or problems with their voter registration or getting to the polls. Kentucky was 35th with a turn-out rate of 60%, defined as votes cast versus the number of those registered and eligible. The states with the highest turnout offered same-day voter registration (SDR), which allows voters to register or fix a registration problem when they vote (Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Iowa). Voter turnout in states with SDR was seven points higher than states without the option, consistent with every election since the policy was first introduced in the 1970s. The significant turnout advantage of A Message from the Jefferson County Clerk Voters Need A Reason By: Frank Friday Esquire Director continued on page 2 Winter 2018