2017 Accomplishments continued on page 6 Facilities & Logistic Planning •Continued to shop and compare prices to ensure the Clerk’s Office is getting the best product or work for the expenditure. •Maintain the integrity and maintenance of all the JCCO facilities. •Remodeled the Westport MV Branch. •Oversaw the remodeling of the Dealer/Specials department. •Began renovating the Deed Room; will be completed in early January 2018. Human Resources •Continued to provide VIP service even though the division was short staffed. •Recruited and hired 46 employees. •Created and/or updated job descriptions for Elections, Communications, Media & Public Relations, Facilities & Logistics, and Government & Community Relations. •Workers’ Compensation premium reduced by $10,336 due to an excellent annual audit of our experience rate. •90% of our locations have at least one employee trained and certified in CPR/First Aid. •Completed EEO-4 Filing and Certification Report for 2017. •HR Division Manager attended the 2017 EEO Training sponsored by the EEOC. •Conducted Safety Training for Directors/Managers. Government Affairs •Working with the county attorney, we successfully litigated US Bank v. JCCO, a case that involved upholding the clerks need to have an actual or certified copy of a POA, to protect the mortgage grantor of a property. •We successfully defended our position on Open Records and Open Meetings in the ongoing Fulton Tax appeals complaints, as well as successfully defended our position on the same with media entities in the Governor’s Tax appeal. •We helped develop the comprehensive security policy Information Technology implemented. •Developed comprehensive waiver language for information use on our websites. •Worked with the county attorney and Deed Room sta to correct the malicious efforts of a deed scam ring that impaired the title chain of several elderly home-owners in the J-town area. Communication, Media & Public Relations •Enhanced branding of JCCO support materials with refreshed look and logo. •Hosted National Voter Registration Day Reception. •Oversaw the 2017 All Employee Meeting. •Continue to enhance image of Clerk’s Office through branding update throughout all public areas and signage. •Promoted the services of the various divisions of the JCCO. Legal Records •We have made viewable 100% all subdivision and condominium plats on the website. •In conjunction with the Information Technology Division, we have begun renovating the Deed room and revised recording, indexing and customer service operations. •Image error reduction- we have dramatically reduced our error rate and improved accuracy and customer service at VIP levels. In addition, our indexing clerks continued to review and correct errors in archival documents. •The Duplication Department produced over 200,000 copies of all recorded documents and other materials for JCCO customers. The Department produced over 1,000 books in 2017. •Continued to prepare probate data base for movement to the Metro Archive Center. •Continued to scan archival documents before 1984. •The Recording and Indexing Departments processed over 200,000 documents in 2017. •The Legal Records Division coordinated 1,096 property tax appeal hearings in 2017. •We continued to restore and relabel our Triple Index books. •We continued to update and expand the Legal Records Operations Manual. •We continued to maintain production, quality and customer service at VIP levels in all Legal Records Departments. 5