continued from page 5 6 2017 Accomplishments •We continued to cross train clerks and managers for new Legal Records operational procedures. The Motor Vehicle Division Customer VIP service is always the number one priority! •Safety Training and Safety Evacuation plans have been implemented throughout the Motor Vehicle Division. •The Call Center wait time is down this year compared to last year, with limited operators. •Conducted 14 Dealer Training classes. •2017 was the final year for printing Dealer Directories in booklet form. •All statewide Dealers information can now be viewed online at www. MVC.KY.GOV. •The Dealer Directory and Fleet Insurance List was transferred to the NATvigADER database. •New Awning’s with Bobbie’s logo, was installed on the back-entrance doors of East, Dixie, and Fairdale. •Renovation has been completed at Westport branch, which included the Training Lab. The training lab also received a New Projector System for advanced training. •The Downtown branch has implemented a new Out of State Database, which allows the department to scan the title work received into this database. This software is also used daily by the call center clerks to assist in giving customers correct information, to process their paperwork. •The Downtown branch also added a new phone line to the Out of State workstation. The clerks can make calls to dealerships and customers concerning paperwork and answer incoming calls as needed. •Thomas Milliner was promoted to Assistant Manager of Motor Vehicle Records on January 18, 2017. He is the first Assistant Manager in the Records department. •Jefferson County Clerk’s Office had 21 employees to attend the Train- the-Trainer classes for the New KAVIS POS, on October 24 & 25, 2017. •On a bittersweet note, Anthony Furman retired November 30, 2017. The new manager for West, is ......Ramona Cornelison. A fully functional break area was added at the West branch. The Election Center •The Election Center website now features .pdf versions of all maps pertaining to political districts in Jefferson County and offers daily voter registration statistics for those districts. •Accepted delivery of 350 new ExpressVote machines and 350 new DS200 voting machines. •Scanned and indexed over 64,588 pieces of work after the General 2016 Election (Jan-Mar). •Completed a comparison/duplicate voter list sent by State Board of Elections, over 900 duplicates were reviewed in the comparison process. •Implemented plan and visited local colleges and universities to recruit Election Officers and register voters. •Met with the Metro Office of Globalization to discuss how the Election Center can actively begin recruiting multilingual Election Officers. •Began a successful effort to place Election Officers applications into Louisville Free Public Library branches. •We have scanned all election results from 1950 to present.