7 License Plate Feature: Kentucky Emergency Management By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations Dealer Department Renovation By: Nore Ghibaudy, Public Relations Ideally, an emergency and relief based program would function as nothing more than a precaution. However, it only takes a minute of watching the daily news to acknowledge that disasters can, and frequently do, take place at a moment’s notice. Kentucky Emergency Management exists soley to protect and restore the Commonwealth should dire circumstances arise. Both the role and the function of KYEM are governed by legislative action which is dictated in Chapter 39A-F of the Kentucky Revised Statutes; their vision statement declares that the ongoing intention is to ensure “…a resilient Commonwealth, safe, secure, and prepared for emergencies and disasters through the programs and efforts of a superior emergency management team, staffed and led by professional managers and administrators.” Kentucky Emergency Management is not only focused on handling crises to the best of their ability – the organization also works towards teaching and circulating It has been almost seventeen years since a complete overhaul was done in the Downtown Dealer/Specials Department on the first floor of the Fiscal Court Building. Since then, there have been changes in the way the Kentucky Department of Transportation has the Clerk’s Offices conduct the Motor Vehicle transaction process through AVIS and now with KAVIS system. Changes like preparedness. KYEM offers various classes and instructional workshops such as an Earthquake Program, the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program, a Search and Rescue Program, Hazardous Materials Program, and SARA Title III (Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act Title III Program). These numerous forms “Decals on Demand” is just one change related to the new process. Technological upgrades for each workstation will be completed with the future needs in mind. That and many other changes affect the current physical layout, space, and flow of the area department. With that in mind, the new layout will be like the branches when entering the door. The atmosphere is more appealing in softer of awareness and outreach revolve around the idea that, while state and local government will assist as best as possible during emergencies, preparedness starts at home. More than anything, KYEM “shares the Governor’s vision to coordinate a system of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery and protect the lives, environment and property of the people of Kentucky.” While several field locations exist throughout the Commonwealth, the main office is located at 100 Minuteman Parkway in Frankfort. Be sure to visit their website at http://kyem.ky.gov. The Kentucky Emergency Management license plates are available at all county clerk offices throughout the state; eligibility requires the driver to be an owner of a non-commercial motor vehicle while also being a member of a local disaster and emergency services organization. The initial cost is $34.00 with an annual renewal fee of $21.00. This plate is available for personalization with an additional $25.00 application fee but is limited to a maximum of 5 characters. colors of light grey, blue and ivory. The front counter, as dealers and runners walk into the department, will be desk height and accessible where the customer can conduct business by chair like the “Specials” section. The permanent cubical space that is currently in place will be removed and replaced with lower more efficient office cubicles. The new workstations will have more counter and storage space.