2017 Accomplishments I t was very busy here at the Clerk’s Office in 2017. The various divisions set the year in motion the first week in January and seemed to build momentum right up to the end of the year holidays, finishing their annual goals and accomplishments. In the spring, the Westport MV Branch was renovated. The new layout features thirteen workstations, offices, a new sheriff inspection layout along with a more comfortable reception and work areas. The updates have been well received by customers as these changes were made after seventeen years in the current location. Complete new Election equipment was purchased for the Election Center to replace twenty-year-old equipment. The new equipment will be used in the May 22, 2018, Primary Election. Just before the holidays, we were in full swing with complete renovations in the downtown Dealer/Specials department. The new layout of the Dealer department came complete with technological upgrades that will accommodate the changes that the Kentucky Department of Transportation Cabinet will implement with the KAVIS program. With the same enthusiasm, a complete renovation of the Deed Room is in process. A new recording and indexing technology system was implemented and the staff was trained. Each year I strive to make strides in improving our service, technological approach to doing business and keep the facilities updated in which we serve you. I just reviewed a few of our accomplishments in the last year. Please take the time to review the accomplishments of all our divisions. My main goal and that of my staff is to provide the best service for all Jefferson County residents. 2017 Information Technology •The purchase of new voting machines and election software. •Development of a bar-coded inventory system for election equipment. •AS/400 platform consolidation. •Digital video recorder and security camera upgrade. •Dealers Department relocation and remodel. •Deed Room relocation and remodel. •Deed Room workflow re-design. •KAVIS Point of Sale module preparations (live on 01/02/2018). •Purchase of microfiche/microfilm scanning technology. •File Transfer Protocol server upgrade. Finance •Created optimal departmental budgets that predicted and ensured accurate revenue levels. •Regularly analyzed all expenses throughout the year to ensure that all spending was within budget. •Managed cash flow to maintain integrity throughout the JCCO. •Kept accurate financial records consistently adhering and executing all procedures of the department that met or exceeded state audit requirements. •Continued to promote and maintain a professional relationship will all departments within the JCCO. •Provided excellent VIP service to all customers to include internal staff and outside entities. •Analyzed all methods of operations and sought opportunities for improvements where needed. •Worked with Frankfort on the implementation of KAVIS modules. 4