NOTICE: Due to new passed legislation, the personalization and application/ renewal fees for standard passenger, "In God We Trust", and standard motorcycle personalized plates have gone from $25 to $43, an increase of $18. All other personalized plate (Special Plates) fees will remain the same. This change begins Monday, August 1, 2022. If you have any questions, please call 502-574-5700.

Personalized License Plate Application Process.

Beginning July 17, 2017 all requests for new personalized license plates must be submitted to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Vehicle Regulation, Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing through the Drive.KY.Gov website:

  • Once on the Drive.KY.Gov website, customers will click the Vehicle Services drop-down menu at the top of the home page, and then click on the License Plates link
  • Applicant will be guided through an online search to ensure the desired plate is available
  • If the desired plate is available, then customers will complete an online request form
  • Every request will be reviewed by a Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing committee to ensure full compliance with state law
  • Applicant will be notified of the Committee’s decision by mail or e-mail within 30 days

NOTE: Your plate request is granted on a first come, first serve basis. There is a possibility that your plate request may become unavailable if the same request was received prior to your order being placed at your County Clerk’s Office.    

Once you have ordered your personalized plate through your County Clerk’s Office, it may take four to six weeks for the plate to be produced.  Personalized plates are mailed to your County Clerk’s Office.

  • After a period of six to eight weeks, you will need to call 502.574.5700 to tell us which branch you would prefer to visit to pick up your personalized plate. Be sure to bring your current license plate, original registration, current KY insurance card, $21.00 renewal fees, $25.00 plate fee and personal property tax for the year. We accept checks, Visa, MC, AMX and Discover.
  • Denied requests will receive notification by mail or e-mail, including explanation of the appeals process. For more information, please call 502-564-1257


House Bill 530.

With House Bill 530 there will be two significant changes with regards to personalized plates:

  1. Personalized plate expiration date of December 31st has been transitioned to the owner’s birth month.
  2. The plate replacement option, offered at renewal, will be discontinued. Specifically, customers will only have the option of a decal. Personalized license plates shall be replaced on the same schedule as regular issue license plates unless it is damaged or unreadable.


Effective July 10, 2018 AVIS no longer offers the option of a personalized plate replacement, previously offered at renewal. Specifically, customers only have the option of a decal. Personalized license plates shall be replaced on the same schedule as regular issue license plates, unless it is damaged or unreadable.

Also, records that currently notate a replacement plate, will be changed to the decal option.

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