b'J effersonC ountyC lerkso ffiCeFall 2019The Paper Work Load A Message from the Jefferson County ClerkBy: Frank FridayGovernment Affairs It is hard to believe fall is back. After a long and hot summer, it appears the cooler fall weather is finally on its way.I am looking forward to Our ultimate task here at the Clerksspending time in the communities, enjoying the local events and festivals Office is always going to be keepingthat happen this time of year. I hope you can as well. the public records of the community,The fall season also brings a new election.The Election Center staff is and that can mean increased demandsworking diligently on preparations for the General Election to be held on for storage space, whether in the formNovember 5th.If you have moved since the Primary Election, please make of warehousing for paper books orsure you have updated your voter registration information by the October improved digital service access. 7th deadline.If you have any questions regarding your voter registration, The Jefferson County Clerksvoting location, or any other election-related matter, please visit our records go back to the earliest dayswebsite at www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org and click on Voter Info. of Louisvilles settlement in the 18th century, and many of the old books ofIf you have any questions about the Clerks Office or suggestions as to that era contain signatures of historicalhow we can better serve you, please let us know.You can save yourself figures. Therefore, we would not wantpostage by filling out an online comment card on the Jefferson County to just throw these away for the sakeClerk website.It is my goal to provide quality service in every area. of space saving, even when new lawfulAs always, I look forward to serving you.mediums come along. However, some items like routine mortgage books of later years, which are just photocopies of originals, are probably best kept in micro-film orBobbie Holsclawmicro-fiche for the long run. We do needJefferson County Clerka permanent copy, however, because some mortgages and encumbrances run for so many years, they need to be in the chain of title examinations on a permanent basis.Recent trends in document storage inmedia posts or websites are importantview older digital records is becoming a private industry involve cloud basedsources of discoverable information, butreality.applications. While a very economicalapplication of legal requirements to that and space saving idea, for agencies likecontent can be difficult. Open source standards are one ours, this may not be practical as the riskpossible way industry is addressing of documents being held outside ourDigital records that have a long-termthese concerns but that may not be control or subject to later technologicalretention schedule are at risk whengood enough for truly permanent public changes may not be legally prudent.hardware devices, software applicationsrecords.and file formats become obsolete. Private industry is finding newerObsolete software file format is also aThere is also the matter of security content types are less likely to haveconcern. Many first-generation businessof these records. Criminals have policy-driven life cycle or retentionand personal productivity tools are rules applied. Mobile messages, socialretired, and the inability to retrieve orContinued on page 2'