b'who has yet to register to vote, the deadline is 28No matter your location around the county, though, days before any given election. For the Novemberyour ballot will feature races for Governor, Secretary 5th General, the registration deadline is October 7th.of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Auditor of When visiting the polling location on Election Day,Public Accounts, and Commissioner of Agriculture. be sure to bring a proper form of identification with you. Those include: a drivers license, a credit card, aThe November General will be the fourth time social security card, or any other identification bear- Jefferson County utilizes its new voting equipment. ing both the picture and signature of the voter. If youPurchased from ES&S (Election Systems & Software), are unsure of where to vote, visit our website at www. the DS200 and ExpressVote are modern, reliable ma-jeffersoncountyclerk.org and navigate to Voter Info.chines that make your voting experience more efficient That tab will offer various selections; click on Wherewhile also offering various safety features. The JCCO is Do I Vote and enter your street number and name.incredibly proud of this new, improved equipment, and Your polling location and precinct will appear right be- we hope you like it, too. fore your eyes. Remember, too, that our website canThe 2019 General Election promises to be a big confirm if you are registered, and will also allow you today in Kentucky that will certainly affect the Common-peek at a copy of the ballot you will be filling out.wealths leadership, and therefore its direction, in the This year, Jefferson County will have 8 different ballotyears ahead. Start creating your checklist today. Con-styles, therefore depending on where you live, yourfirm you are registered to vote, take a look at your spe-ballot may look a bit different than that of your friendcific ballot, and do your homework! Ensure your voice is or family member (School Board, Small City races, etc.).heard; vote on Tuesday, November 5th! Photographs from the 2018 General Election at the Edison Center.5'