b'Be Prepared: The 2019 General Election Is Almost HereBy: Jordan Kelch,Public Relationss we welcome cooler weather and the autumnto each election. For the 2019 General, this program season, 2019 settles into its final months. Thewill take place Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to May Primary has long since passed and the4:30 p.m., from September 30th to November 4th. General Election in upon us. The good news is theThere are two Saturdays scheduled, as well: October Jefferson County Clerks Office and Election Center are26th and November 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. prepared and ready for another successful election.To be eligible for Absentee Voting, registered voters With that in mind, the VIP wanted to take this opportu- must be: outside of the county on Election Day; a stu-nity to reiterate some very important voter informationdent who temporarily resides outside of the county on regarding In-House Absentee Voting, registration dead- Election Day; A member of the Armed Forces who will lines, finding proper precincts and polling locations,either be out of the county on Election Day, or confined and appropriate identification needed on the big day.to a base within the county on Election Day; a citizen who is residing overseas and will be out of the country In Kentucky, In-House Absentee Voting is a precursoron Election Day; a voter who has surgery scheduled on or around Election Day; a Precinct Elec-tion Officer serving at a polling location; member or staff of the County Board of If you are unsure of where to vote,Elections; a woman in her last trimester of pregnancy; and an unassisted visually visit www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org impaired voter.If you are a Jefferson County resident Photographs from the Edison Center Open House.4'