b'Excessive Absenteeism Hurts Everyone!By: William I. Brazley Jr.,Human Resources DirectorW orkplace attendance issues are a serious prob- It is difficult for supervisors to manage unplanned lem that have affected companies large anddays off when employees call in sick. Everyone gets sick small for many years. Attendance issues are notoccasionally, but I am referring to the habitual abusers. associated with gender or ethnicity, but many peopleThe first workplace inconvenience is that supervisors associate it with age. Baby Boomers say Millennials dontmust rearrange workloads and possibly reschedule want to work, and Millennials ask what difference doesemployees to perform different tasks. Employees must missing a few days make if they get their work done?assume the workload of their absent coworker(s). Pro-Baby Boomers say Millennials have poor work ethic,duction is slowed and often decreased. If ten people and Millennials feel that sick time exists to be utilizedcan do the work of twelve, the department would be when needed. A good attendance record has to do withstaffed for ten people instead of twelve. It would be having a good work ethic and respecting the attendancefiscally irresponsible to staff a department with twelve policies of your employer, not how old you are.people when ten will do. Every employee assigned to a location is needed.Good attendance matters. Poor attendance has a ripple effect which impacts an entire agency. GoodNot only are coworkers picking up the slack of the attendance is more than just filling a seat. You shouldinconsiderate abusers, but absenteeism impacts their be mentally and emotionally present as well. If not,mental and physical wellness. With increased responsi-you will not be focused on your responsibilities whichbilities, employees may experience increased levels of means you will more than likely make mistakes. Thisstress, which causes morale to drop. Increased levels of means you are not being productive. There is a work- stress can lead to an increase in stress related health is-place saying that says Early is on time, on time is latesues, which can lead to additional and late is unacceptable. You should plan your com- absenteeism. Some turnover is mute by giving yourself enough time to ensure thata result of excessive absen-personal issues, traffic jams, and bad weather doteeism. Some employees not make you late.will feel as if they are Bob ismissing!WheresBob?6'