b'The Honorable Order of Kentucky ColonelsBy: Jordan Kelch,Public RelationsThe honor of being namedchasing the Honorable Order a Kentucky Colonel datesof Kentucky Colonels license back to the beginning of theplate. By displaying the nineteenth century. In fact, itplate, members signify that was 1813 when the Common- they financially participate in wealths Militia successfullythe charitable and education-assisted in returning jurisdic- al programs undertaken by tion of the Northwest Territorythe Honorable Order, said a to the United States. Upon thismembership representative achievement, Charles S. Toddvia the organizations website. (an officer of the militia) was invited to stay in the capitol byTo order an HOKC license Governor Isaac Shelby. Todd was thegreatness through significant achieve- plate, and to support the programs first person to be honorarily granted thements and noteworthy service to theirpresented by the institution, visit your grade and rank of Kentucky Colonel.community.local county clerk office or branch. All owners of non-commercial motor vehi-Of course, in the beginning, theWhile the Honorable Order of Ken- cles registered for use on KY highways title reflected actual military service.tucky Colonels revolves around recog- (who are members of the Honorable Throughout time, though, it hasnition of service, it has other functionsOrder of Kentucky Colonels) are eligi-evolved to become a celebrated signalthat assist in growing and strengtheningble. The initial cost is $44.00 with an of fellowship, family, and faith. Beingthe state we call home. With monetaryannual renewal fee of $31.00. $10.00 of named a Kentucky Colonel is the high- contributions coming directly fromthe initial issuance fee and renewal fee est honor bestowed by the Common- various members, the Honorable Orderare voluntary contributions. This plate is wealth, given through the Office of theworks to stabilize and improve the con- available for personalization with an ad-Secretary of State and the Governor.ditions of those in need while educatingditional $25.00 application fee annually. Its purpose is to identify and acknowl- and caring for our youth. Now, mem- This personalized plate is limited to a edge those Kentuckians who exemplifybers can show their solidarity by pur- maximum of 5 characters. The Paper Work LoadBy: Frank Friday,Government AffairsContinued from page 1 The Kentucky Archives in Frankfort experimented with essentially vandal- are also available to take items from style attacks over the internet onclerks offices on a permanent basis, government agency held records,but they too are running out of space. and more sophisticated documentThey are increasingly putting their manipulation of images are now also alimited resources to work giving out real concern. Keeping records in old- microfilming grants to clerks offices fashioned paper and microfilm doesto take care of document storage have its advantages, as physical controlthat way.of the record is much easier maintained. We also have recent legislation In the upcoming year, a completefor e-notarization and electronic overhaul of the Kentucky Governmentrecording that also added a $10 Records Retention Schedule isarchive fee for the permanent being set up. A task force will makerecords our Clerk Deed Rooms recommendations on the modernizationmust keep permanently. This of the regulations, and one hopes theshould help defray some of the decreasing need to keep so manycontinuing costs associated with our records for so long. ever-increasing store of public records.2'