Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8continued from page 5 2016 Goals & Accomplishments 6 customer service to include incoming documents, such as insurance, POA, Court orders, etc… •A new phone system was installed in the Downtown area offices. •Clerks are becoming more independent with the use of the Motor Vehicle NATvigADER. •The new IVR Update was implemented which hides the credit card numbers. We are now in compliance with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) and the security standard law regulations for all of our IVR transactions. •Implemented the Call Recording feature in the Call Center. •Completed the Motor Vehicle Processing Center office renovation, with paint and new desks for management and mail. •All specialized plates were made available for customer to utilize on the online system. •Remodeled the Downtown Motor Vehicle Branch. •The Jeffersontown Branch had an awning installed, a new back security door and new directional signage. •Lien Department has a new Registry Scanning System for customers to view all lien filings/releases online. (September 2007- Current). This registry was also modified to secure the necessary perimeters on the Title Lien Statement. (Debtors info only) •We have increased Motax collections being processed in the Motor Vehicle Records Department which increases revenue for our office. •Motor Vehicle Records will also be conducting research to clean up delinquent taxes, which will increase tracing jobs ($2 tracing fee per vehicle). •We implemented a quality control program which organized a work method for researching daily and weekly missed scanned documents in PODD. •MVR also assumed responsibility of notifying branch managers of Title Branch rejections. This includes the new 15-day and 30-day rejection reports. •Motor Vehicle Records Department helped to accommodate the new electronic record keeping system which has been a great success! •We continue to send two representatives who work closely with Frankfort on the KAVIS II project. •The Dealer Department continues to train dealerships and financial institutions. •The East branch went on a team building excursion to Breakout Louisville. The clerks and managers were able to work as a team, to accomplish a mystery mission. •A PowerPoint presentation and hands on training session for visual training was created. •The Training Lab continues to be a great success and lends big support for the MV Division. •Eight training classes were held in 2016. They consisted of an estimated 43 employees. We currently have 28 remaining employees to train. •A new Absenteeism Policy was created for New Hires only. •Most MV Divisional Policies and Procedures were revised. They include: Error Policy, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Transfers/FT/OS, Auditing, Title Tracking Procedures, steps management must take to ensure the integrity of the 006 process, Lien Filing/Pending Procedures, and Lien Releases were revised. The Election Center •Updated 779 maps with accurate data and Edison Center information for all customers. •Scanned Post-Election Sheriff Reports to expedite long-hand documenting. •Successfully recruited a wealth of Election Officers, including Republicans, Democrats & “Others.” •Transition of voter registration card pick-up system, most notably due to teamwork with fellow JCCO departments including Logistics & Motor Vehicles. •Improved relationship with other related agencies including Circuit Clerk Driver’s License & Social Services. •Successfully introduced Online Voter Registration in Jefferson County and managed its rapid growth. •Successfully managed In-house Absentee operations at Edison Center.