Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 82016 Goals & Accomplishments T his past year seemed to move at a rapid pace. There was a major move for the Human Resources, Government Affairs, Finance and Election Center divisions as they closed down their offices at the Urban Government Center to relocate to the Edison Center. In November, the Election Center staff tackled the Presidential Election in their brand new headquarters. Last spring, the Downtown MV Branch underwent a major renovation. The new design features seven work stations along with more comfortable reception and work areas. The updates have been well received by customers. The Clerk’s Office completed the expansion of its voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone system. Instead of using ordinary phone lines, which are being phased out, the new phone system will send telephone calls over the Internet. The new system will allow us to more closely monitor our telephone traffic, and allow us to make telephone changes on our own. In providing safer practices and better business, the Finance division purchased and installed new credit card machines that are chip reader friendly in all JCCO locations, reducing the threat of fraudulent activity. These are just a few of our accomplishments in the last year. Please continue to review the accomplishments of all our divisions. My main goal and that of the staff is to provide the best service for all of the Jefferson County residents. 2016 Information Technology •Implementation of the first KAVIS module for handicapped parking placards. •Installation of bar-code readers in Motor Vehicle branches for reading bar codes on driver’s licenses. •Continued participation in the design and development of the KAVIS boat and POS modules. •Voter registration card scanning automation. •Move of JCCO offices (network, computers & phones) to the Edison Center. •Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) telephone system expansion to the Edison Center and all Downtown locations. •Replaced aging twin-redundant network switching devices and moved to Peak 10’s new LOU3 network operating facility. •Conducted comprehensive network vulnerability testing. •Continued to leverage features of the new land records system (The Registry) to re-design operations in the Legal Records division. Finance •Created optimal departmental budgets that predicted and ensured accurate revenue levels. •Regularly analyzed all expenses throughout the year to ensure that all spending was within budget. •Managed cash flow to maintain integrity throughout the JCCO. •Kept accurate financial records consistently adhering and executing all procedures of the department that meet or exceed state audit requirements. •Continued to promote and maintain a professional relationship will all departments within the JCCO. •Provided excellent VIP service to all customers to include internal staff and outside entities. •Analyzed all methods of operations and sought opportunities for improvements where needed. •Relocated offices to the Edison Center at 701 W. Ormsby Avenue, Suite 301. 4