Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 82016 Goals & Accomplishments continued on page 6 Facilities & Logistic Planning •Continued to shop and compare prices to ensure the Clerk’s Office is getting the best product or work for the expenditure. •Maintain the integrity and maintenance of all the JCCO facilities. •Completed the remodel the Downtown Branch with new furniture, walls, Cash Link and office/work space. Human Resources •WC Audit resulted in a $10,475 refund to the agency. •95% of CPR certified employees received BBP training this year. •Introduced new policies: Vehicle Use Agreement and New Absence and Leave Policy for New Employees. •Implemented the Department of Labor’s New Overtime Final Rule. •Expanded duties for cross-training in HR. Government Affairs •Refreshed all of the JCCO display material and equipment with a more up-to-date look. •Through working with the Kentucky Bankers Association on some of their recording practices, and mortgage customers should be seeing more accurate information. •The Jefferson Circuit Court rules were changed this year in concert with the JCCO to allow Commissioner Deeds to come to our office electronically. These are the first electronic land documents to be recorded in any Clerk’s office in Kentucky. This should be the first step of many to come that will allow many of our most commonly received documents to be recorded electronically. Communication, Media & Public Relations •Enhanced branding of JCCO support materials with refreshed look and logo. •Completed new trade booth options with new branding format. •Hosted National Voter Registration Day Reception. •Oversaw the 2016 All Employee Meeting. •Continue to enhance image of Clerk’s Office through branding update throughout all public areas and signage. •Launched the new JCCO website. •Promoted the services of the various divisions of the JCCO. Legal Records •We have placed (and made viewable) 99% of all subdivision and condominium plats on the website. •In conjunction with the Information Technology Division, we have implemented and managed a new operating system within our recording and indexing departments. •Image error reduction—with the BIS system, we have expanded our error reduction and accuracy capabilities steps in our Recording, Indexing and Duplication Departments. These steps have dramatically reduced our error rate and improved accuracy and customer service at VIP levels. In addition, our indexing clerks are reviewing and correcting errors in archival documents. •The Duplication Department will produce over 1,900,000 copies of all recorded documents and other materials for JCCO customers. The Department produced over 1000 books in 2016. •Completed the microfilming of archived Jefferson County tax rolls per grant awarded by KDLA. •Continue to prepare probate data base for movement to the Metro Archive Center. •Continue to scan archival documents before 1984. •The Recording and Indexing Departments processed over 200,000 documents in 2016 •The Legal Records Division coordinated 1,452 property tax appeal hearings in 2016. •We restored and relabeled our Triple Index books. •We continue to update and expand the Legal Records Operations Manual. •We continue to maintain production, quality and customer service at VIP levels in all Legal Records Departments. The Motor Vehicle Division Customer VIP service is always the number one priority! •We were able to hire two experienced part-time employees - one for the Dealer/Specials Department, and one for the MVPC. We will continue to promote future leaders in the MV Division, and cross train all employees across the board. •Dual monitors were added to all Motor Vehicle branches, to enhance the title verification process. •Managers have incorporated some of their weekly training to team building exercises/ice breakers to reduce errors. •Each branch/department has an email account. These email accounts were set up to extend our 5