7 2019 Primary Election By: Rebecca Ison, Public Relations The 2019 Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, May 21st. In this primary, Jefferson County has no local races on the ballot. Instead, voters will nominate their candidate for the November General Election in several state-wide races, including Governor/ Lt. Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Secretary of State, Auditor, and Commissioner of Agriculture. Polls in Jefferson County are open from 6am-6pm. Kentucky is one of 14 states with closed primaries, meaning that a registered voter will only receive a ballot with the names of their registered party candidates. Voters who change their party after December 31st are ineligible to vote in that party’s primary election. In addition, voters who are registered Independent or Other generally receive a non-partisan ballot, but there are no non-partisan contests on the ballot for the Primary. Currently registered voters can verify their party registration by calling the Election Center at 574-6100, going to the JCCO website (www. jeffersoncountyclerk.org), or at govoteky.com. The JCCO website has many resources for Jefferson County voters. They can verify the correct voting location for Election Day, print out a preliminary copy of the ballot they will receive, or find a listing of currently elected officials. The website also contains information on in-house absentee voting, as well as military and overseas absentee voting procedures. Registered voters who are interested in serving as Election Officers can find contact information and an application on the website as well. Voters who need to register or update their information have many different options to do so. Voter registration cards are available at several locations throughout Louisville, including all Motor Vehicle branches, Driver’s License offices, any military recruitment office, and the County Clerk’s Election Center. Additionally, voters can now register or update their information online at govoteky.com. All new registrations, changes, or updates must be completed by April 22nd, 2019 to be eligible to vote in the May primary. However, voters who change their party after December 31st are not eligible to vote in that party’s primary election. As always, the JCCO Election Center is available to answer questions about voter registration, in-house absentee voting, interest in serving as an Election Officer, precinct location, or anything else Jefferson County voters may need to know before the primary election on May 21st. Give them a call at 574-6100 and get the information you need.