F or the fifth consecutive year, the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office held an All Employee Meeting that was coordinated and hosted by a committee. The All Employee Commit- tee, as it is known, is a group of JCCO employees who meet monthly through- out the year, planning fundraisers and working to decide upon a theme, a guest speaker, artwork, and an overall message for the event. This year, the committee chose the theme ‘New Beginnings’. As a celebra- tion of a new year and a new term of of- fice for Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw, the meeting was structured around the concept of clean slates and fresh starts. In fact, at the top of the night, as employees arrived, a slide- show featuring various employees and their new year’s resolutions was playing along with inspirational music. The meeting, which was held on Thursday, February 21st, featured Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw addressing the crowd, discussing the successes of 2018 and plans for a new term. Divisional Direc- tors were also introduced, each with the opportunity to talk a bit about their department and the many strategies in store for the new year. The All Employee Meeting was again held at Sojourn Church which offers a large gathering space with plenty of room. Several door prizes were hand- ed out; everything from tablets and Echo Dots to gift cards and a decora- tive bourbon barrel lid. Bobbie also recognized several employees. Fitting into the theme of New Beginnings, the awards were Lucky Bamboo plants – a symbol of growth, luck, and positivity. This year, employees were able to nominate one another for recognition. Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw had the recog- nized staff members come up on stage to accept their awards, as well as the individuals who wrote the nominations. In several instances, employees got to read their recommendations to the crowd. Guest speaker Lynn Rippy also addressed the assembly. As President and CEO of YouthBuild Louisville, Lynn has assisted hundreds of less fortunate Louisvillians in finding career paths and bettering their lives. Ms. Rippy spoke about her organization, as well as what it means to lead a clean-slate lifestyle. She asked everyone to think about their ‘reason’ – why do you get up in the morning? Who or what motivates you to keep going? What provides your personal strength and resilience? With another successful All Employee Meeting in the books, the JCCO now looks ahead to a new term and a new beginning! Many thanks go out to the All Employee Committee for their hard work and dedication to making the AEM a pleasant and educational event. 4 Jefferson County Clerk’s Office Holds Annual All Employee Meeting By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations “As a celebration of a new year and a new term of office for Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw, the meeting was structured around the concept of clean slates and fresh starts...”