3 JCCO Introduces Kronos Time Keeping System By: Victoria Huntsman, Director of Finance Celebrating the Commonwealth’s Natural Resources with the League of KY Sportsmen By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations The new JCCO time keeping system is due to roll out in April of 2019. The Time & Labor Module is a web-based time and attendance system used for a variety of labor tracking needs such as attendance management, accruals, and payroll while also providing an assort- ment of programs for HR usage. The Time & Labor Module is a flexible solu- tion that allows users to log into their account from any JCCO location via the internet. It also enables each manager to track time as well as assisting employees in managing their own time. This system is completely different from our current one and will require the operator to acquire a dif- ferent mindset of time keeping. Kronos eliminates the method of using quarter hours and replaces this method with real time. An example of this will be; if an employee previously used .75 in sick time they will now use 45 minutes. Next is the elimination of management sign- ing on to a different link to edit time, and not being able to approve employ- ee times that contain errors. Be ready for the launch of the new system by staying up to date with the learning tools that are available to you. Kronos contains a variety of learning tools that can be accessed directly from the menu option located on the home screen. There is also additional informa- tion located at the top right corner of your dashboard indicated by a question mark icon that can be used as a quick reference guide. You are encouraged to explore the new system while you still have time… Don’t put off till tomorrow what can be accomplished today. Conservation and sustainability may sound like modern concerns, and they are, but a group of Kentucky sportsmen, far ahead of their time, prove that preserv- ing the Commonwealth’s natural resources has been an important issue for the better part of 85 years. It was in 1935 that these Kentucky citizens came together, not only to combine efforts and strengthen influence, but to cre- ate and solidify a more credible and long-lasting conservation policy, aimed at benefiting Kentucky citizens and the state itself. It was through these goals and endeavors that the League of KY Sportsmen was formed. Founding the organization was just the beginning, and the sportsmen knew that. The logical next step was to foster a working relationship with the Department of Fish & Wildlife; through this alliance, the sportsmen expanded their influence and were able to work towards a more businesslike administra- tion. After years of growth, the League of KY Sportsmen has assisted in Kentucky’s rise to prominence, now considered one of the lead- ing states for hunting and fishing in America. When purchasing a “League of Kentucky Sportsmen” license plate, $10.00 of the initial and renewal of registration fee is a voluntary donation. The initial cost, as well as the cost each time a plate is issued, is $44.00. The annual renewal cost is $31.00. This plate is available for personalization with an additional $25.00 application fee annually. Application must be made at your local County Clerk’s office. This personalized plate is limited to a maxi- mum of 5 characters.