This year’s reception was held at the Edison Center on Tuesday, September 26th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Guest were invited to have a piece of cake and a cup of punch while County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw addressed the crowd. The gathering was well attended, and the introduction of new Jefferson County voting equipment certainly added an additional element of interest to the occasion. Citizens were able to experiment with the new ES&S scanner machines while also taking a look at the smaller touch-screen options. “We’re very excited about these terrific updates,” said Clerk Holsclaw. “The ES&S system is accurate, reliable and safe. With these upgrades, Jefferson County takes another step forward into the future.” The new voting equipment will make its official debut this spring during the May Primary Election. What started as a small get-together in the Urban Government Center has flourished into a full-fledged tradition, complete with community leaders, media outlets and election equipment demonstrations. That’s right, Voter Registration Day is celebrated every September at the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office, and each time around, the JCCO staff works to make the event a little bigger and a little better than the last. 7 Celebrating National Voter Registration Day By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations