Renovations and Updates Revive Westport Branch By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations For the citizens of Jefferson County who utilize the Westport Motor Vehicle Branch, business just became a great deal more pleasant and more efficient. In her quest to continually elevate JCCO services, Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw (along with her experienced team of professionals) planned and implemented a large amount of renovations to the aforementioned branch. Clerk Holsclaw felt that it was well past time that the location get a facelift. “It’s been seventeen years since the Clerk’s Office moved into the Westport Branch. At one time, this location was considered to be the most up-to-date office we had. Over the years, though, it become clear that we need to, once again, come in and make some changes to the facility.” By the beginning of May, the JCCO crew was ready to begin. Construction took place over the course of several weeks, and both timeline and budget stayed on track. On Monday, June 26th the remodeled Westport Branch was unveiled to the people of Jefferson County. While the location stayed open throughout the entire renovation, it was a pleasant return to normalcy for the Westport crew, all of whom love their new home. Many JCCO employees worked together to make this renovation possible, and the VIP would like to give specific kudos to the Facilities & Logistics Department, as well as the Westport clerks who were patient and helpful all throughout the process. If you have yet to see the beautiful new branch, stop in and say hello. It features 13 work stations, along with two additional spots for Dealer work. Sheriff Inspections continue to be offered, and the reconfigured space allowed for management offices and a clerk training center, as well. 3