Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8Downtown Branch There’s nothing like a new home to boost morale and create a bit of excitement. In the continuation of upgrading and refining the offices of the JCCO, and with almost every other Motor Vehicle Branch undergoing some sort of recent renovation, the Downtown had its turn in the spring. The new design features seven work stations along with a more comfortable reception area. The updated branch has been well received by customers and clerks alike. Edison Center This year has certainly been a memorable one for the staff of the JCCO Election Center. Not only will they be tackling the Presidential Election this November, they will be doing so from a brand new headquarters. After decades occupying the Urban Government Center, The Election Center, along with the Finance and Human Resources Divisions, have moved to the Edison Center at 701 West Ormsby. Logistics Relocation After many years in the basement of the Court Place, the Logistics Division moved into new offices located on the 4th floor of the Fiscal Court Building. Additional space and lots of sunlight have improved their average workday. A New Web Site & Fresh Branding Update It has been more than a decade since a JCCO unified branding concept was presented to the community. As with all things, change is inevitable. At the beginning of 2016, the Clerk’s promotional ads recommending various renewal options presented a fresh updated look. The Jefferson County Clerk’s logo underwent a transformation and appears on newly designed stationary and brochures. Internally the purchase order site was rebuilt to accommodate office supplies, license plate, forms, paper fulfillment etc. A new, complete website will soon be launched. The JCCO website has undergone one transformation and one enhancement since we launched on the World Wide Web. The new site will flow differently and will continue to be updated with new photography and copy changes. The Election Center section of the website will follow with a new look and flow. New Telephone System By the end of 2016 the JCCO will have completed the expansion of its voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone system. Instead of using ordinary phone lines, which are being phased out, the new phone system will send telephone calls over the Internet. The new system will allow us to more closely monitor our telephone traffic, and allow us to make telephone changes on our own. Barcode Scan of Driver’s Licenses A change to the new KAVIS system will go into effect that will allow clerks to scan the bar codes on the backs of driver’s licenses. The scan will automatically populate KAVIS customer data fields (names, addressed, birthdates, etc.) with verified customer data from the driver’s license data base. The change should cut down dramatically on errors due to data entry. Credit Card Machines New machines were purchased and installed that are chip reader friendly, reducing potential fraudulent activity. These machines were placed on the frontline with the clerks and have helped to expedite customer service. 7 Significant Accomplishments Jefferson County Clerk’s Office 2016