Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8Clerk Holds Annual All Employee Meeting By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations Every fall, the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office holds its annual All Employee Meeting, a function that serves several purposes. Not only does it allow the JCCO community to review recent accomplishments while focusing on upcoming projects and obstacles, it simultaneously serves as a homecoming of sorts, bringing all 260 employees together under one roof. Typically there is an educational component to the evening, as well as section dedicated to employee acknowledgment and recognition. During the spring of this year, Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw called for committee volunteers, and shortly after, the 2016 AEM Committee was formed. This year’s committee consisted of: Deanna Ahmed, Scott Blair, Krista Cole, Reggie Davis, Karen Fields, Nore Ghibaudy, Amanda Gutterman, Kent Hall, Jordan Kelch, Jeff Pellman, Jeremy Sparks, Lisa Stevens, Sue Toole and Griffin Torrance. One of the first things the AEM committee did was vote on a theme; in the end, ‘A Taste of Kentucky’ received the majority of support. Therefore, the group decided to gear the whole evening around the Commonwealth, making it a celebration of all things Kentucky. The group was also on board with continuing the giving of door prizes (an element which had never been done until the year prior), so the committee constructed a series of fundraisers that would allow for money to be raised and gifts to be purchased. Several JCCO- wide split-the-pots were held, as was a bake sale which took place in the Dealer Department. The committee utilized the funds to purchase many nice items, some of which were made into gift baskets. Everything from tickets to the Kentucky Derby Museum and to Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, bourbon and lots of Muth’s candy, UK and UofL fan baskets, derby pies, a bourbon barrel cake and several gift cards were drawn and given away. The door prizes weren’t the only items taken away at the meeting. In fact, everyone left with a decorated tumbler cup featuring a vinyl emblem of Kentucky; these offerings, along with the employee awards, were designed and created by committee member Amanda Gutterman. The 2016 All Employee Meeting had a fair amount of memorable elements, like an educational presentation put on by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Randy Hogan stopped by to teach the JCCO team members about active aggressor preparedness, discussing what to do in emergency situations. There was also a sighting of Harland Sanders. The finger-licking- good Colonel dropped in to say a few words while helping Bobbie hand out employee awards and door prizes. In the end, the 2016 All Employee Meeting was a great success. It allowed the JCCO community to come together while recognizing past accomplishments and setting sights on future projects. With an energetic pace, an informative educational component and a little bit of fun, the AEM was a painless and purposeful event. Many thanks go out to the 2016 All Employee Committee for their time, dedication and hard work! 6