5 For those citizens who utilize smartphones more than PCs or laptops, have no fear. Both reconstructed sites are mobile-friendly. Gone are the days of logging on via phone and struggling to see details of the site. These materials have been constructed to suit your specific needs. If you are reading this and wondering how to be- come a bigger part of your county’s election process, feel free to contact Election Officer Recruitment agents Jeff Pellman (502.574.6211) and Tracey Griggs (502.574.5532) for information on serving as an elec- tion offer. Jefferson County is always looking for poll workers to assist on Election Day. There is also informa- tion online via elections.jeffersoncountyclerk.org. While the General Election craze has yet to reach fever pitch, make no mistake about it: the candi- dates, and their campaigns, are in full gear. Sure, it would seem that 5 months is ample, but when looking through the lense of a campaign, 5 months is actually crunch time. November will indeed be here before we know it. 2019 General Election poster