3 Expanded Ignition Lock Bill Passes By: Frank Friday, Government Affairs Kentucky already had an ignition lock program for those convicted of drunk-driving, but it was not working well and was poorly implemented. HB 85 passed this year aims to reduce drunken driving by making ignition interlock devices avail- able to more first-time DUI offenders. Kentucky’s existing interlock law makes the devices available to repeat offenders and drivers caught with ex- tremely high blood alcohol concentrations. The interlock acts as a breathalyzer and will prevent a vehicle from starting if the alcohol concentration is too high. Senator Whitney Westerfield, the chief sponsor, stated he expect- ed usage to go up significantly. “We hope and expect to see the utilization climb dramatically from a 4 percent we see in the state today to something substantially higher than that. And it will save lives.” The House amended the bill to lower the time required for first time DUI offenders to use the device from six to four months. It also reduced the driver’s license suspension from nine to six months, if the offender opts to use the ignition interlock. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the Kentucky Distiller’s Association both pushed for the proposed law. Their argument in favor of the bill pointed to other states that already passed interlock laws and reported a 16 percent decrease in drunk driving deaths. Out in the Community By: Becky Ison, Public Relations Community involvement and educat- ing the public about the services we offer is an important part of the Jeffer- son County Clerk’s Office. One way this is accomplished is by participating in various Louisville events and festivals throughout the year. This couldn’t hap- pen without the help of over 70 JCCO employees who volunteer their time to represent the Clerk’s office in Louisville. Summer brings some of the biggest events to Louisville, including Homear- ama and the Kentucky State Fair, both of which take place over several days. There are also several smaller events throughout the summer and fall such as the Portland Festival, the Gaslight Festival, the St. Matthews Street Festi- val, and the Fairdale Community Fair. In the past, the JCCO has also participated in many of the Back to School events hosted by Jefferson County Public Schools. Olmsted North, McFerran Elementary, Meyzeek Middle School, and Shacklette Ele- mentary are just some of the schools visited to register voters, demonstrate voting equipment, and provide infor- mation about our services. Additional- ly, the Clerk’s office attends naturaliza- tion ceremonies at the Louisville Free Public Library and has implemented new voter registration sites at the Speed Art Museum and the Frazier History Museum. Would you like the County Clerk’s Office to attend your event? Call (502) 302-5261 for more information.