Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8Westport to Undergo Renovation By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations There was a time, several years ago, when the Westport Branch was the finest looking of all the Motor Vehicle locations. That statement isn’t meant to demean the other branches, but moreover to point out what strides the Clerk’s Office has made in renovating, moving and reopening these offices. In 2011, the East Branch was located in the East Government Center on Juneau Drive. To say the branch was small and plain is an understatement. At that time, the Highview Branch (then known as ‘Central’) was also in a different location – a strip mall off the Outer Loop. Central, like East, was somewhat plain and sterile. West was in the Marchman Plaza, Fairdale didn’t exist, and Dixie, Downtown and J-Town were all in need of a facelift. Therefore, yes, Westport was the most aesthetically pleasing of the branches. But then, in May of 2013, Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw unveiled the new East Motor Vehicle Branch in the Middletown Plaza. With big windows, beautiful furniture and a modern look, East was a huge upgrade…and the Middletown residents took note. Interestingly enough, two other branches were opened that year – the Fairdale Branch, in the Fairdale Playtorium, was rolled out in August of ’13, with Central (now Highview) moving to the Beulah Church Shopping Center in November. Both branches were redone in the vein of East; they, too, had new furniture, new work stations, bright colors, natural light and additional space. 2014 was no slouch year, either. That spring, the Dixie Branch underwent a large-scale renovation, taking over another office suit situated next door. Miraculously, the branch stayed open and operational throughout the whole renovation. On June 19th, the new and improved location was opened to the public. Four months later, Jeffersontown, too, reopened its doors sporting fresh paint, new work stations, new tile floors, and modern furniture. The West Branch, which, by that time, had moved to the NIA Center on Broadway, was expanded and refined in 2015, with an Open House taking place in September of that year. Six months later, the Downtown MV Branch celebrated its upgrade. Over the course of 4 years, every branch had been renovated. Well, almost every branch. The Westport location is gearing up for some big updates this spring and summer. While decisions are still being made regarding the layout, look and design of the branch, it’s safe to say that it will be reminiscent of the other new and improved spaces. Like Dixie, the Westport Branch will remain open during the construction. “Westport is the last branch to be renovated, and in a way, it represents our accomplishments over the last few years,” said Clerk Holsclaw. “The JCCO has made great strides in producing updated, pleasant government offices to the people of Jefferson County, all while continuing to offer quality customer service. That has been a long-term goal of ours and we’ve been successful.” For those of you who utilize our Westport Motor Vehicle Branch, stay tuned for more updates regarding the renovation and completion of this office. We look forward to presenting you with the bright, beautiful new branch opening later this year. 6