Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8Jefferson County Clerk’s Office Spring in Louisville could not be a more beautiful and exciting time of the year. Derby season is here with all of its many signature events to enjoy. We are just preparing to begin renovating our Westport Branch to better serve the residents who work and live in the north end area. This remodel will feature a better layout for our clerk services, sheriff inspection, management offices and our training lab facilities. The new Jefferson County Clerk’s interactive website was recently launched. If you have the opportunity to take a few minutes to review our site we would like your feedback. By fall it is our intention to launch a new Election Center website that falls within our main site. We continue to work with the Kentucky Department of Transportation as progress moves forward on the new KAVIS (Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System) statewide system. Upgrades and changes constantly are taking place. It is a busy time of year and just in case life gets a little hectic, save yourself a trip to one of our branches and consider the convenience of renewing your motor vehicle registration by phone or online. If you have any questions or suggestions as to how the Clerk’s Office can better serve you, please contact us. Take a little time to enjoy this time of year. Bobbie Holsclaw Jefferson County Clerk coverage and a quick apprehension of the 26-year old suspect. This involved actual film cameras and was a rather expensive project for all but the busiest banks and stores. Cheap video tape systems in the 1970s, however, made security camera systems affordable to just about anyone, and now color, night vision, high-definition and small digital cameras give the surveillance side an enormous arsenal of tools. However, security camera technology has outpaced laws and concerns about You may recall how the Boston Marathon bombing was solved so quickly in 2013. The perpetrators were caught on tape by a hodge-podge of security cameras in the area, both public and private, allowing police to identify the criminals. What gets less notice is that, ever since then, there has been a race to vastly expand and improve security camera presence in many big cities. In Boston, for example, all of downtown is covered by police high-def cameras with automatic programing which focuses on suspicious sounds and movements. Some cities have long invested in this technology; it’s believed Peking, China may be the most surveilled city in the world, though many other American towns are not far behind. Chicago, Illinois is thought to have many thousands of such police cameras, the real number being confidential, though they are concentrated around public transit sites. What these devices may actually do to prevent crime and violence is hotly debated. While outdoor police cameras are a relatively new item, private security cameras are a long-established feature of any business that has monetary transactions. The first bank security camera to film a robbery was in Cleveland in 1957, leading to television A Message from the Jefferson County Clerk The Age of the Security Camera By: Frank Friday Esquire Director continued on page 2 Spring 2017