6 General Election 2018 By: Jordan Kelch, Public Relations The 2018 General Election promises to be a big day in Kentucky, with a slew of local, state and federal races that will certainly affect the Commonwealth’s leadership, and therefore it’s direction, in the upcoming 4 years. While neither of Kentucky’s US Senators face reelection this year, all 6 US Congressional seats are up for grabs, with all 6 incumbents running and facing opposition. On a state level, Kentucky’s General Assembly is made up of 38 senators and 100 representatives. Both the upper and lower houses have a great deal of seats that will appear on ballots statewide. Prepare for a deluge of yard signs, bumper stickers and TV ads coming soon. In Louisville, races for Metro Mayor, County Clerk, Property Valuation Administrator and Sheriff will populate the ballot, as will several Metro Council and Judges races. Jefferson County, coming off a successful May Primary, is once again ready to accommodate the vast voting needs of its 591,000 registered voters. In- House absentee voting will again take place at the Edison Center at 701 W. Ormsby Avenue, and while specific details for this service have yet to be released, go ahead and mark your calendars for a couple of other important dates: Tuesday, August 14th (candidate filing deadline), Thursday, August 16th (public drawing for ballot positions), and Tuesday, October 9th (last day to register to vote in the 2018 General Election). One of Jefferson County’s greatest election resources is that of the Election Center website (elections. jeffersoncountyclerk.org). With the ability to confirm voter registration, find polling locations and precinct codes, and view sample ballots, the JCCO elections page is crucial to preparing for the big day. This year, the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office and the Election Center have unveiled a new and improved elections website. Modern, sleek and easily navigated, it retains the assets of our previous iteration while simplifying and honing the organization and availability of information. “We are so proud of our new website,” said Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw. “As with the recently updated JCCO website, the new election site offers terrific resources in a clean, structured format. It’s been a long time coming, but we are very pleased.” For those citizens who utilize smartphones more than PCs or laptops, have no fear. Both reconstructed sites are mobile-friendly. Gone are the days of logging on via phone and struggling to see details of the site. These materials have been constructed to suit your specific needs. If you are reading this and wondering how to become a bigger part of your county’s election process, feel free to contact Election Officer Recruitment agents Jeff Pellman (502.574.6211) and Tracey Griggs (502.574.5532) for information on serving as an election officer. Jefferson County is always looking for poll workers to assist on Election Day. There is also information online via Elections.JeffersonCountyClerk.org. While the General Election craze has yet to reach fever pitch, make no mistake about it: the candidates, and their campaigns, are in full gear. Sure, it would seem that 5 months is ample, but when looking through the lense of a campaign, 5 months is actually crunch time. November will indeed be here before we know it.