The V.I.P. - A quarterly publication of the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office Retirement March 2, 2017 to June 15, 2017 Kent Hall Executive Director Administration Promotions March 2, 2017 to June 15, 2017 Yen Ngo CSA Fairdale Branch Stephanie Campbell Co-Director Election Center Rebecca Ison Administrator Election Center Yvette Kemp CSA Dixie Branch Emily Richardson CSA Fairdale Branch Mellissa Catron Finance Specialist Finance Department Jennifer Schicker Co-Manager MV Call/Proc. Ctr. Jeffrey Pellman Administrator Election Center Jenna Oliver CSA Highview Branch New Hires March 2, 2017 to June 15, 2017 Brittany Davis CSR Dixie Branch Jasmine Johnson CSR Dealers Department Samantha Lane CSR Election Warehouse Shannon Bransfield CSR Highview Branch Mary Humston CSR Westport Branch Keyaira Thomas CSR Downtown Branch Eurika Allen CSR Downtown Branch Sherry Franklin-Berry CSR Downtown Branch Yolanda Logan CSR Recording Department Olexus Porter CSR West Branch Tracy Willham CSR Jeffersontown Branch Katie Lamphier CSR Indexing Department Anniversaries March 2, 2017 to June 15, 2017 Sam Gish IT Department 5 Years Dawn Wittry Fairdale Branch 5 Years Ashley Vincent Finance Department 5 Years Nore Ghibaudy Public Affairs 10 Years Janet Beattie Dealers Department 10 Years Etta Bald East Branch 10 Years Robert Snipp Election Warehouse 10 Years Angela Clark Human Resources 10 Years Tina Bentley IT Department 10 Years Ina Metts Dixie Branch 15 Years Robert Dunn Duplication 15 Years Elva Martinez Highview Branch 15 Years Laura Pinchbeck MV Call/Proc. Center 15 Years Tamelia Jones West Branch 15 Years Deborah Lunn Election Center 25 Years Donna Gahlinger Finance Department 25 Years Krista Cole MV Administration 10 Years Nancy Nelson Dealers/Specials 15 Years Tink Brown Indexing Department 20 Years Sue Tobin Lien Department 20 Years John Clark MV Administration 20 Years Angela Wilson Co-Director 20 Years Channa Roberts Call/Proc. Center 20 Years Milestones Jefferson County Clerk bringing you VIP service Open 24 hours a day at Online ReNew Telephone ReNew 569-3300 Mail-In ReNew P.O. Box 33033 Louisville, KY 40232-3033 OPTIONS TO RENEW YOUR CAR TAGS 3 You’re right on target with any of our options