b'J effersonC ountyC lerkso ffiCeSpring 2020The Big New RecordingA Message from the Jefferson County ClerkLaw, Part 2By: Frank Friday Spring in Louisville could not be a more beautiful time of the year. Govt Relations Executive Unfortunately, it has been a challenging couple of months with the In the VIPs most recent edition,spread of COVID-19 and the many cancellations and adjustments to we looked at the major electronicour lifestyles.recording and notary law KentuckyThe Election Center staff is preparing for the June 23rd Primary passed in 2019. In addition toelection, moved from the originally scheduled May date. You can easily allowing electronic recording andcheck your voting precinct and polling location while previewing a remote notarization of documents,sample ballot. Just visit the Clerks website (www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org) there are also some significant fee increases to bring our state up to parand proceed to Voter Information.with other jurisdictions, giving countyRemember, you can always renew your motor vehicle registration by clerk deed rooms enough revenue to break even. phone, mail, online, or via dropbox at any branch location. A typical deed will now run to atIf you have any questions or suggestions as to how the Clerks Office least $50, plus $3 for each pagecan improve, please contact us. As always, we look forward to serving after 5 pages. Other documents thatyou!dont transfer property, and therefore wont have the $4 state instrument tax, like powers of attorney, releases, lis pendens, corporate filings, US liens, and assumed names will be aBobbie Holsclawminimum of $46. Mortgages will be a minimum of $80, plus $3 for everyJefferson County Clerkpage after 30 pages.A few items are already revised in the 2020 fee schedule, including a new $20 fee for all municipal or metro government liens (instead of having to pay the original full $46 of a regular lien). A similar bill wouldPaper weight: 20 lb. Margins: Top 3 of first page have streamlined the fees and endedPaper size: 8x 11 preferred; 8recommended for Recorder use, page counts for name changes and x 14 accepted especially on right side of page probated wills, but it was delayed(not recommended on last page); late in the session. County clerks willPaper color: White; no waterall other margins 1support this again if need be in 2021. marks Ink color: Black preferred, with Staples or binding: None dark blue signaturesAs part of the new recording legislation, the Kentucky CountyOne or two side print: One sideFont: Minimum 10-point Times Clerks Association (KCCA) alsoonly New Roman or equivalentadopted voluntary standards forImpression Seals: None allowedSpacing: 9 lines per inch document legibility, as set by theunless inked maximumnational PRIA- Property RecordingColored highlight markers: Industry Association. They are: None allowed Continued on page 2'